Pam, I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful and truly spectacular transformation you’ve made to our home. My family’s reaction, including my husband, children and my parents was indescribable joy and happiness.  When my youngest daughter first saw our family room her eyes lit up and said in awe, “It’s BEAUTIFUL!” You are blessed with a special talent and amazing creativity that is truly remarkable.  I could never imagine that the decisions that we were making along the way, that at times seemed minuscule, would create our family room that is filled with so much warmth, comfort and elegance. With the surprising wintery-like weather in April all of us spent so much time this past weekend in this room talking and admiring the extraordinary details you added to the room that gave it style and sophistication. The children’s playroom is fun-filled room that screams “HAPPY” and brought smiles to my children that stretched from ear to ear. Their expressions were sheer wonder and amazement.  We are blessed to have known you.  You’ve created joy and made us feel so thankful. We wish you and your family many blessed years inspiring happiness.

-- Ahmed and Hoda